We continue to be impressed with the service we get from 24 Hour Front Desk. They have been our after hours and failover service for seven months now. Having someone always available to take our customer calls and manage our online chat 24 hours a day everyday has allowed our staff to focus on customer care and service. We are confident that we are not losing opportunities when our staff is not available to answer calls because 24 Hour Front Desk handles that for us.
Parwan Electronics Corporation, United States
Before working with 24 Hour Front Desk, keeping up with customer inquiries was a challenge. 24 Hour Front Desk handles almost all our inquiries and provides prompt service to our customers. As a result, our customers are happier and I have had more time to dedicate to running my business.
Ship Afrika, NJ, USA
24 Hour Front Desk Service has helped us to keep on top of our requests and inquiries for our outdoor signage company. The staff is well-trained, professional, and most of all, quick to respond. These were the qualities we were looking for in a reception service. We have had and continue to have a great working relationship with 24 Hour Front Desk.
OutDoor Advertising, FL, USA

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