Personal Touch Service

The 24 Hour Front Desk provides services to individuals as well as businesses.

If you worry about a loved one who is often alone , we can call to check in on them while you are at work or out of town or according to an arranged schedule, so that you can be worry-free.

Our staff will ask questions based on your request, keeping the conversation friendly. Conversations often include:
• Inquiries into general well-being
• Reminders to take medication
• Recording of blood pressure, blood sugar, etc readings
• Discussion of recent sporting or community events

We are not a medical or emergency service but provide an easy way for you to check in on your vulnerable loved ones with a personal touch. However, we will immediately inform you if there is no answer after three tries or something appears to be wrong.
You are given access to reports and call recordings just as our business customers are.

We are so confident in our service and rates that we offer a one week free trial!