Flexible Minutes

No overage

We offer flexible pre-paid plans where you pay only for the time actually spent on your calls. There are no set up fees, monthly fees, minimum usage penalties, overage fees or any other ‘hidden fees’ and your minutes never expire.

Benefits include:

  • You are charged only for time spent on your calls
  • You are not charged for any training, overtime, vacation, sickness claims or any other staff benefits
  • There are no set up fees, monthly fees or any other ‘hidden’ fees
  • No Tax and Social Security calculations/reporting
  • Redundancy for employee absences/tardiness/breaks
  • Redundancy for simultaneous calls
  • Longer hours of coverage (24 x 7 x 365) regardless of call volume
  • Access to full reporting and recordings of all calls

  • No time and cost spent hiring, training and retaining employees
  • No more time wasted on telemarketing or prank calls or wrong numbers

Here at the 24 Hour Front Desk, we don’t require that you guess how many minutes you will need every month then penalize you for under or over usage. Our bundles range from 500 minutes to 10,000 minutes and minutes never expire. You may purchase 1,000 minutes on January 1st and not need to purchase more minutes again until May. We understand that there are fluctuations in call volume and have designed a flexible, easy to manage plan to accommodate that.